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Floc de Gascogne


As an essentially unfermented product, Floc de Gascogne is very sweet, almost all of the sugars present in original grape juice remain in the finished product. The high level of alcohol comes from the Armagnac spirit, which raises the total alcoholic strength to roughly 17%. The resulting liqueur is aged for up to a year. 

By appellation law it can only be released for sale a year after harvest.

Our range of products

Rosé: Always serve chilled and take it with cheese – even the strongest cheddar – you will not believe the way this combination works – but also try it with fruit, strawberries and sugar, honeydew melon, delicious! Then try it with chocolate – WOW! Stunningly good with Christmas cake too!

Blanc: Serve chilled with a lighter cheese such as brie, Blanc-Floc de Gascogne is also fantastic with chocolate or desserts such as lemon tart or cheesecake and it is delicious when accompanying scallops in a reduction.

You can also use Floc in many recipes and cocktails, the Blanc makes a fantastic Floc/lemon reduction which compliments white fish atld scallops and the Rosé make a stunning wild berry jus to compliment venison, lamb, beef and game – check out our Recipes & Cocktails section.

The versatility of Floc de Gascogne knows no bounds!

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