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How we came to discover the pleasure of Floc de Gascogne – Lafontan and why we chose to become UK Importers of the wine.


How we discovered Floc de Gascogne

David & Cathy – Our Story…

David was involved in motorcycle racing and on many occasions ended up at a racetrack in the Gers region of France,  it is an area he grew to know very well.

Back in 2000 David found an old watermill close to the racetrack which needed rebuilding. He bought it with the intention to convert it into accommodation for people attending the racetrack and for those walking on the Santiago de Compostela trail, which passes a couple of hundred metres from the old Mill.  The farmer who sold the mill to David had a vineyard and sent the grapes into the local co-operative which makes Floc de Gascogne,  Cotes de Gascogne wines, Armagnacs and derivative products. One evening over dinner, the farmer introduced David to the delights of Floc de Gascogne… he was hooked! David then spent quite a while drinking various Floc de Gascogne recipes to determine the best quality product… well, someone had to do it! Lafontan was and still is,  in David’s opinion, by far the best.

David & Cathy met on Christmas Eve in 2014, and in Christmas 2017, as they were having building work at home, they decided to go away for a few days and booked a beautiful watermill in Norfolk to stay over the Christmas period. They invited some close family members and friends and decided to purchase 24 bottles of the Lafontan – Floc de Gascogne for their guests to enjoy. They loved it so much they all wanted to know where they could buy some. Of course you could only purchase from Gascony and so the idea was born and David & Cathy decided to set up a business and import Floc de Gascogne, Lafontan into the UK…

and the rest is history!